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Lady confused people what she could be marketing, herself or the royce rolls: Opinion

This lady confused the people on what she could be selling, whether she is selling a car or she's selling her body. Is it about advertising the Rose Royce, or is it about advertising herself, maybe she is advertising both to show people that these are the kind of cars she drives, so that people may know that when they are going for her, they will pay. When are going for her they must be prepared to pop out some large amounts of money or maybe she's telling the man the quality she is.

The lady could be telling man that will be coming to her, they must know if she is like a royce rolls. The picture on it's own says a lot about that lady. If she owns that car then you know that this is not an ordinary slay Queen or maybe the car belongs to the company that has put her there, so that in attempting to look at the lady, the guys will also see the car.

As you know most of these companies they are now using ladies to advertise their products because, they know that ladies can make them to sell fast, and to be marketed fast. So I don't know, but from the way she's appearing, she could be one of those.

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