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How to save money for your next home without taking a loan from the bank (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

I have learned that everything is possible as long as you dedicated time and energy on what you truly want. On social media people have been sharing tips on how to start a home project without risking with your credit score. What il tell you is that you don't actually need a credit score to build yourself a home.

You can achieve any home of your dreams if you happen to earn over R5000 monthly. It is possible and all you need is to understand the power of investing on livestock. Buying off cattle has been working for our grandparents fro years. And today the value of one cow is unbelievable. Just imagine getting yourself 12 calf's yearly for the next 5years.

Building a house to you will be a walk in the park. All you will need is to find a farm were they keep cattle for people who have animals. This will enable you to be safe from stock theft. Don't forget never put all your eggs in one basket.

Doing this you are paving s way for a brighter future. You will manage to build your house without asking any one a cent. Even if you are unemployed this is possible. Agriculture will meet you half way. All you need is a plan not a debt trust me.

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