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He Turned Into A Laughing Stock After Posting This Picture

People post different pictures on social media, and they all post with different aims. However, when you post a picture, being a laughing stock is the last thing you expect. Some don't take it personal, but some fail to take it in as a joke.

There have been a number of social media users who have fallen victims of being laughed at by people they don't even know on social media.

A man posted a picture showing off his haircut. Little did he know that he was going to end up bringing up the creativeness in people. His haircut had two lines, that people ended up playing around with. It is probably the funniest thing that you will get to see on the internet today. How creative are people out there? When do they even think of these kind of things? How would you feel if this was your picture? Were you going to laugh with them or take it personal?

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