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3 Things To Learn From The Lady With Big Leg That Will Motivate You.

The story of Mahogany Geter, a beautiful girl with a big leg, takes place in a culture where you must stand up for yourself and remain firm, no matter what others think.

Mahogany Geter is a young and promising child from Knoxville, Tennessee, in the United States. She was born with Lymphedema, a long-term limb ailment in which an excessive discharge of fluid from her body tissues created severe swelling in her left leg.

She revealed that she had been trolled, bullied, and even told to amputate her limb. As reported by the Free Press Journal, and we will pick two aspects from her statements that have helped her become one of the fastest rising female celebrities.

1. She sees her disability as a source of uniqueness, as well as an opportunity to inspire others who are similarly challenged. She aspires to become a well-known fashion model, while also serving as an example and source of inspiration for people who are afflicted by disabilities.

2. Not only that, but refused to be deterred from becoming the person she desired by trolls, conflicting advice, or bullying. Mahogany told us that several individuals had advised her to have her leg amputated for her to appear more appealing, but she refused to listen to any of them.

She is currently a quickly rising fashion model, with over fourteen thousand Instagram followers and counting.

3. In any situation, a person must find a way to make something meaningful out of it, just as she did in the midst of her disability, she found something positive to hold on to. When something unusual happens, it can be discouraging, but don't be discouraged. Moreover, try to observe carefully before accepting any advice from anyone; who knows what might have happened if she had followed other people's advice.

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