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Here Is A Cheap House Plan, It Only Cost R450, It Has 2-Bedrooms, A Lounge, And A Kitchen

The first thing that a person should have when they want to build a house is a house plan. This piece of document containers everything that would be required to bui

ld your house, and some houses even show the quantity of materials that will be needed. It is very difficult to build a house without a house plan, and if you finally succeed in building it without a plan, the chances are that it will not have direction. So if you want to build a house, save yourself from being embarrassed and get a house plan

But, just how much does a house cost? Well, house plans can be costly depending on the size of the house you want to build. A simple two room house plan can set you back over R500, and if it has some special designs, it is possible that the price can be higher. You should always expect to pay more than R1000 for a house which has 4 rooms and above. From that you can see that a house plan is really not that cheap, hence I was intrigued when I came across the price of this beautiful house plan

This house design has 2-bedrooms according to the designer, but that's not all, it also has a lounge and a kitchen, which brings the total number of rooms to 4. For this house plan, you would be expected to pay at least R1000 or so, but it cost just R450. This is very rare for a house design like this

The designer of this house went very simple when designing this house. It has two pillars from the front, something we hardly see in many houses. This design will save you some cash that would have to buy extra pillars, again, it's just amazing how this house manage to still look so amazing with only two pillars


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A Kitchen A Lounge Cheap House Plan


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