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Life hacks | Keep mosquitoes away by planting these plants in your home

Spring is upon us, and we have started to enjoy the sunrise and sunset, summer is the best season we enjoy the most, but many times in our home, we experience war with very small things. Mosquitoes are the last thing we want to see on a lovely day, they terrorize people in a way that affects not only their physical body, but their emotional well-being. We have a solution for everybody, and it doesn't cost as much as expensive chemicals or repellents that smell horrible. You can keep mosquitoes far away by planting these plants in your home. Image credit: Google

The wonderful fragrance of lavender can be a pleasant smell for humans, but it is perceived as offensive by mosquitoes. Plant these beautiful flowers in your garden or next to your walkway and house for a better experience. Lavender has an added bonus, it contains anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. Image credit: Google

Marigolds are beautiful yellow flowers that are an easy-to-grow in your garden or next to your work office. They can help many people repeal mosquitoes in their homes because marigolds flowers contain thiophenes, a compound with insect repellent properties. Your home will be nice and beautiful, while you live in peace and harmony. Image credit: Google

The great thing about Geraniums is they make your house look beautiful, while defending you against mosquitoes. They can also deter several types of insects and many people adore this incredibly attractive decorative plant. Image credit: Google

I know that you might be thinking that Rosemary is a plant used to flavour dishes, but did you know that it has a woody aroma that is effective in keeping mosquitoes away and other things, such as cabbage moths and carrot flies at bay. Image credit: Google

Basil is a tasty herb that many chefs use to season many people's favourite Italian foods. You can also plant basil in your house or improve the scent of your garden, it will act as a handy natural mosquito repellent. Some things are not meant to be eaten only, they can also be used to protect us daily. Image credit: Google

We think people should use the right techniques and best positional space when they plant these plants and protect themselves against mosquitoes. They enter our houses through the door or windows, so put some plants next to your door or around your windows. Don't try to use all of them, try to be expressive and decorative at all times. Make your house look beautiful, not like a war zone.






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