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7 Important Smart Reasons Why Intelligent People Are So Quiet

 Most smart people prefer to be quiet for the following reasons: 

 1. Most of them are generally introverted. 

 The brightest people are generally introverted. a strong correlation between intelligence and introversion. This is not to say that the brightest people are always introverts or that all introverts are smart, but there is a connection. Still, the smartest people value privacy. They mostly only reveal their true selves to those who are close to them, which can make them appear difficult to read or have social issues, but that's not true. 

 2. Your mistakes humiliate you. 

 The smarter you are, the more you don't know; they see their mistakes and feel humiliated by them. Most intelligent people are really humble and very sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of those around them. Smart people know what they don't and admit they don't know everything. 


 3. They prefer to speak less often. 




 A lot of intelligent people don't speak just because they have no interest in speaking, they have their way of thinking that has proven to be very good, and they are generally right about their ideas and can draw very good conclusions and ideas. Most of the time, they are silent simply because they don't have to share all of their thoughts. In other cases, they prefer to be quiet because the people around them don't; I don't deserve to hear all of their ideas. 


 4. You Have Meaningful Conversations. 

 Smart people generally don't waste time on very useless conversations, especially with someone below their level. Also, smart people like to talk on abstract levels and need people who can deliver that level. understand so that they receive appropriate feedback. Instead of having a conversation that you don't like, keep calm. 

 5. You dig deep into the subject. 

 While most people are interested in who you are conversing with, smart people are more interested in the subject being discussed, which means they would rather delve into the conversation. and tries to avoid small conversations that often clash with the interests of others in a conversation. 


 6. You're generally too kind to interrupt others. 

 Smart people are very humble. Those who speak less will always give others space to express their ideas and thoughts. They will then reaffirm their points of view as soon as they realize that everyone has exhausted their intelligence. You have the certainty that you are making observations and thus come up with excellent ideas. 


 7. Silence gives them time to think. 




 Smart people think more than they talk. Tranquillity provides them with a suitable environment so that they can concentrate on their thoughts without distraction or any kind of disturbance. 


 What other interesting quality distinguishes intelligent people in their calm?

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