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Eye-catching bedroom ideas you have not seen a million times before

Even the most outgoing, social people need a place to be by themselves. Your bedroom should be a haven of tranquillity, a place to curl up with a good book, zone out and watch some TV, or simply relax away from the world. Alone time is important, and it can be difficult to come by, especially if you have children, or a large family.

The bedroom: the most important space in the house. In addition to improving concentration and productivity, being well rested has been shown to benefit immune function, mental health, and even help weight loss. A bedroom should look cozy and simple, sophisticated, and elegant, regardless of what style of decorating you choose. For ease of movement, leave a minimum of three feet between the bed and side walls or large pieces of furniture and at least two feet between the bed and low furniture, like tables and dressers.

Essential Things All Great Bedrooms Have in Common

• Layered bedding. No magic formula here.

• A Stylish bed frame. If there is a piece of furniture that signifies a grown-up bedroom, it's a stylish headboard or bed frame.

• A well-styled nightstand.

• A xomfy rug.

• Good curtains.

• Ample lighting.

• Storage dresser.

The bedroom serves many functions. A bedroom can be a place to sleep, study, entertain friends, share, and relax. How do you combine these vastly different uses into one small space? Bedrooms are typically designed simply, as rectangular rooms that include a window, a closet, and a door. Your home is a mirror of your life. One of the most potent of these reflections happens in your bedroom. Because of its personal nature, your bedroom represents your identity and your most intimate self. Your bedroom also reflects your relationship to partnership, whether you are currently involved or single.

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