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Funny Memes To Lift Up Your Spirit

1. Gamers: "when is the next game coming out it's takin forever"

Chess players waiting for chess 2:

2. Me and my wife reading the emails from school about how our child, who they only have for a few hours a day, is "difficult"3. Me: I'm trying to get over my fear of ghosts

Therapist: That's the spirit4. Not quite sure yet but I guess I Might be doing something wrong5. Me: "damn I need to get ready" also me for 57 minutes

6. When he turns the lights off and snacks your butt says "damn that ass fat" but it's actually your stomach.7. when you have to teach the kids that "family" means nothing in UNO

8. When you're at a party playing truth or dare and they date you to go home9.10. Motivational speakers: "you can archive anything, you have a tiger in you"

11. Brain: I see you're trying to sleep, can I offer selection of your worst memories from the last 10 years.

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