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The reason you have to use Siwasho to bath salt everytime when you bath.

It's is advisable to bath with pink salt everytime in one day. It's help your body relax and give you a peaceful rest at night. It's protect you from bad spirits around you, it's very important to add your bath salts in water you will use to bath. Your water shouldn't be too hot it must be luke warm water.

We all know that the best way to use Siwasho is to use it during bath time and steaming but there is other ways you can use it to. You can use it to springgle the house and clean the floors of your household. Siwasho have a fresh smell that chase away all the kinky smell in your house, it the same thing to your body it make you smell fresh and good.

We always know that the best way to use Siwasho is to steam every three days in a week it can be beneficial to your well being. Bath salt siwasho can chase all bad or dark spirits so bathing with Siwasho is crucial in your life as whole. To start your day with bathing it will give you that freshness and you will not have to feel tired and sleepy.

The bath salt is made with sea salt which make it to smell good and clean, the purification help you to relax. Let alone feeling fresh you will also have peaceful mind. Use siwasho and your problems will vanish instantly.

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