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Sangoma's photos of her swimming with Water Spirits, caused commotion on social media.

It seems that people do believe what they want to believe, living in a world were everyone has a choice on where their belief falls onto it seems there's a lady trending on social media who just had a picnic date with her ancestors. She was spotted in a field as her carpet had close to four tea cups but no people so then it seems her ancestors were taking a sip of cappuccino.

It was not only a tea date but she took a swim also with the water spirits she has ancestors and also water spirits what a time to be alive in mzansi. Here is a post as a screenshot from twitter as she posted this pictures of her on twitter to show how her date with the spirits went.

She seemed happy and pleased and no judgment was casted out because everyone has a choice to choose on what they believe in and this lady chose her ancestors and her water spirits. There are a lot of religious but as we respect them she herself too needs to be respected for what she believes in.

Sangoma's of nowadays have taken the step of introducing their ways to the public through social media, for them its like a way of helping people who are far and near anf and it is doing the job for them as they can now help people even through the phones.

Indeed times are changing and the ancestors seem to be moving with it.

Here are the pictures of her taking a swim with the water spirits.

This picturesbare from twitter as she posted all of them.

Here are some of the comments that came as views and opinions after she had posted this on social media take a look at the views of people.

source :Twitter social media platform

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