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If you are walking on the street and see these things, never touch them just keep on walking

In African continent many people still believe on superstitions especially people from South Africa. They believe that if things are not moving in your life or maybe if you feel like stuck in a same position with no progress it might be that someone is behind your problems.

Some people feel need to go and consult on spiritual people like psychics or prophets that can tell them about their futureand problems that are holding them back and after that those spiritual people must provide them with solution on how to break fee from those curses. And which required steps are needed to be followed.

Many people when walking on the streets have seen strange things been put on the road especially on the T-junction or four way stop. The most common of those rituals peformed on the road is that one of using 1.25 litre of coke bottle. You will find that that 1.25 litre bottle of coke is smashed at the centre of the road on top of the rock.

It is believed that the person who pass on top of that smashed bottle of coke will inherit the problems of the person who smashed that bottle. If you the person was sick with some sort of spiritual disease then you will start to sick the same disease and the person who smashed that bottle will become free. It is believed that you will inherit all their problems.

So people are adviced to refrain from touching such rituals if they come across of it on the streets because it obvious that someone was offloading their problems so that whoever pass on top of it or touch it then he or she will take those problems. So it is safe to pass far from those things and never touch them.

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