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How to use aloe vera to open your spiritual eyes and see those holding destiny

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Aloe vera is a plant that serve as a medicinal purpose to a few people, a number of them use aloe vera to use on their pores and skin to get clean pores and skin. it's far said that, you could use aloe vera to grow your hair, and some of them has apply it to their pomade and used it as medicinal reason.

Please, do you understand that aloe vera has a religious implications that could use to open your non secular eyes?

In this article, am going to show you a way to use aloe vera to open your non secular eyes to see your enemies. yes, it seems you are surprise, oh my dear don't be surprise ok! Now allow us to start to realize the way to do it.

Things needed.

1. You want aloe vera

2. You need black cat oil /anointing oil

3. pure white sheet of paper

4. New rubber bucket

Steps to do it.


Step 1. cut your aloe vera into portions and positioned it on your rubber bowl

Step 2. Pour the black cat oil /anointing oil into the bucket.

Step three. Write your call at the white sheet of the paper and write any angel you already know from the Bible on the paper (it need to be seven times each your name and the angels call) and positioned it within the bucket.

Step 4. upload little water to it or you can pick out to no longer add water to it.

Step 5. Please maintain it for 9(9) days at the same time as it's miles included.

Step 6. After nine (nine) days, take it round twelve (12am) and pray to God to open your eyes.

Step 7. After the prayers, wash your face with the oil inside the bucket for seven instances via calling the angel you wrote his name on the sheet of paper for seven instances.

Step eight. leave the relaxation and pass and sleep, your eyes will open like a prophet and you may see your enemies who are attacking your destiny.


Please if you are afraid, don't do it due to the fact your eyes are going to be open. If any individual is a witcht or wizard, you will see them together with your naked eyes.

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