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Memes to make you laugh.

If you need some entertainment and laughter , you've come to the right place , just read these memes and laugh hard alone or with whoever your're with. Enjoy!

How Newton laws were formulated 😂

He knows his students very well😂

I wish the brain was like the stomach, we would all be smart with more knowledge.

Just because you received a text from his "mother" you just forgive him?

We are morons😂😂so hard to be a south african .

The spoon's taste lasts longer and it is nice.

No wonder they no longer want us in other countries 💔 so sad.

When the relationship is over , no peace at all😂😂 no need for an answer.

South Africa can not keep its mouth shut😂 it is too forward.

These weekends need you to have a friend who's not afraid to reverse their car installments 😂 ke December!!!

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