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Laugh Away Your Sorrow With This Funny Comrade Memes


In life, always stand your ground and never be intimidated by size or height...

Sorry wrong motivational message, always Weigh which opponents to stand your ground Against... Some battles require you to run...


Teacher: Did you know there was 2000 Bottles of wine on the Titanic when it was sunk?

Last Bencher:


MTN: "you have purchased data. Use your data now...

Me: *taps NOT NOW knowing fully well that I don't have data*

MTN: "you won't use your Facebook unless you use your data"

Me: *finally taps USE DATA*

MTN: *after two years of loading* "oops, you don't have data"

MTN: Me:


If person a says he want to die they will tell you that, there is power in the tongue now I say I will buy Benz they say tell me that weather is by mouth to buy Benz, so my tongue don't have power to buy Benz but it can kill me.


My friend found $200 in his jeans. I hope my jeans are watching what other jeans are doing.



Hope you enjoyed!

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