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'See 4 Important Street Tips That Could Potentially Save Your Life One Day

Here are some pointers from people who know their stuff on the streets that can come in handy one day, or even better, might perhaps save your life.

1. Make sure you always have a few coins in your pocket. If someone approaches you while holding a knife, you should quickly remove the coins from your pocket and throw them on the ground. The assailant will always look down to the floor upon hearing the money drop, and this will give you a second or two of breathing room to turn and get away. This is a form of distraction that can also be used in situations in which someone is set on fighting you and you are aware that you need to deal the initial blow.

2. If you are going to use an ATM, never do so while wearing headphones, and if you are going to wear a coat or sweatshirt, never put the hood up. Both of these things will impair your awareness and make you more likely to be robbed.

3. Before entering any room, make sure you have a plan on how to get out of there and where you will hide. If you have many scenarios prepared out in your thoughts, you will react a lot more quickly in the event of an emergency. This will also reduce the likelihood that you will get paralyzed.

4. Keep it low profile, do not make yourself look like a walking money pocket. This one can genuinely set off my triggers at times. It is not even necessary for there to be a concern about the level of danger. There is no manner to live one's life or circumstance in which it is necessary for someone to flaunt their money. It's not clear to me what the point is. But if we are talking about protection, flashing your money around can attract unwanted attention and eventually perhaps potentially put you in a frightening scenario in your life. Someone could take advantage of the situation and take action against you, which could have a negative impact on you. The fact that you are well-groomed, clean, and put together is not the problem; rather, the problem is that you are in the club and you are shouting that you can pay for everyone else. So even if you think you could pull it off, you shouldn't. Spend your money on something worthwhile if you're going to part with it in the first place.

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