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" I found this in the changing room. Ladies, I'm not happy ". This is disgusting

Shop assistants have tough jobs especially those who work at clothing shops. They always have to make sure that the changing rooms are clean and sometimes what they find in these rooms is really bad.

Everyone has had to do a job that wasn't really to their taste. Aside from tutoring, babysitting, and waiting tables, working in a clothes shop is one of these classics. I have a hard time believing that anyone works as a shop assistant because it's their passion or that people plan on working in the same shop their whole life.

No one actually likes trying on clothes, right? Most of us think of fitting rooms as a necessary evil. Yes, some stores are rethinking theirs, trying to provide a more customer-friendly, interactive environment.

The next time you go shopping, take a look around and try to notice how angry many of the assistants seem to be. Their job is to deal with customers' ungratefulness, clean up after them, and be nice all at the same time.

And even if endlessly folding clothing actually was fun, keeping the dressing rooms tidy is less so. Especially when there's disgusting stuff left behind in there, that you wouldn't want to touch with tongs, but you have to because you work there.

This is what was found in one of the shops in South Africa :

How can a normal person leave a used sanitary pad in the changing room? This is disgusting and it will make men think women can't take care of themselves. What are we teaching young girls?

Tommorow they will do the same thing and think it is normal. This also means we are not respecting the shop assistants.

Sometimes adult humans will – for reasons unknown – decide to leave their mark on the world by turning fitting rooms into toilets. This kind of behaviour needs to stop!

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