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If You Can't Control Yourself, Don't Open This Article: See Photos below

If You Cannot Contain Your Emotions, Do Not Read This Article: It has photographs that will cheer you up.

Do not read this essay if you lack discipline: You will be exposed to photos that will inspire you.

If you're having a rough day, these amusing photographs may cheer you up. Only unhappiness can guarantee lifespan.

How does your family address the difficulties of your parents? My mother is the worst; while I was in the restroom, she yelled "chifhiwa." When I approached her with my fork, she remarked, "Pick up my toothpick since I'm too lazy to do it myself."

Please, when you're broke, don't be so self-conscious about your weight; we're weary of focusing on the wrong people.

Men are in conflict with each other. You acquire footwear for R2000. If you attempt to shove a woman wearing R3 pumps, R9 leggings, and a R8 t-shirt, you won't be able to pay a taxi to the city.

My younger brother claims to have met his love on Facebook, but she is quarantined for the time being. Mxm that man's pitiful laughing! As a "beautiful lady Sindi" on Facebook, he was ignorant. Thank you for your time on the radio, brother.

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