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Opinion| this Monday challenge doesn't have 24 hours but already went viral. Check what people do

Mzansi is a nice country with good people who always have something nice and refreshing to give.

Many trends were dropped before but this one is way more adorable. Many challenges were thrown before and some of those challenges were to encourage and motivate people. Some challenges we had before were to uplift our spirit, some we learn while others get offended.

Earlier September there was this challenge of ladies' outfits, many girls learned how to wear their outfits and what must be done to look more splendid inside them. It was so breathtaking seeing Mnzasi ladies competing in a healthy competition, to show what they are capable of and what they have.

Many countries love our country because of the love and peace we have in it, in Mnzasi we still have a chance to say whatever we want to say to whomever we want to say express our feelings too. Freedom of speech, many countries still fighting for freedom of speech but here and Mnzasi we have that, even though sometimes people abuse that opportunity.

Just early this week one girl started a new challenge on social media of lips challenge, many girls loved her new challenge and they joined it. The challenge went viral within 24 hours, already half of the country now is doing the challenge. People are posting their juice lips while others drop their blood lip to showing that the challenge is accepted.

Most girls now are busy fighting for expensive lips products to make their lips look more juice and adorable so that they can join the challenge. If you are a girl and you know that you don't have proper lips to join this competition, just stay low and don't embarrass yourself, only those who have the right requirements for this competition can join.

Are you proud of your country? Just for a second, out of 10 Please rate your country.

Leave your opinion about this new challenge, don't forget to share and like to make the challenging trend even more. Follow us for more updates. Thank you.


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