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Use This Following Combo for 5 Days and See What Will Happen In Your Life

Are you feeling as though your life is not changing for the better? Or it’s just feels as though you’re not going forward but moving backwards instead. Do not worry.

The use of this special combo will completely change your life for the better by destroying and warding off all the negative energies that has an effect on your life.

This effective mixture will attract good and great fortunes and success into your life and also for lots of blessing which includes good success, money, love, well paying job, children with great future and all your other dreams.

The Mixture is as Follows:


• Coarse salt


• Jeyes fluid

• R1 coin money

How To Mix it is as follows:

1. Boil some amounts of water and pour it in a big bowl or basin which can be used for bathing.

2. Add 3 tablespoons of salt inside the bathing bowl or basin.

3. Pour 2 spoons or the spirit in it.

4. Add your R1 coin money inside the bowl as well.

5. Add 4 spoons of jeyes fluid and 2 of your madubula then blend it until it’s mixed into a thick form.

6. Then take your tub pour the water on your whole body even as you are announcing all of the things you want in your life and all that you want to chase away.

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Madubula Spirit


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