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Salt And Water Ritual To Attract Money, Do This On The First Sunday Of The Month

Here is a ritual everyone can perform, the reason I say this is because the ingredients that are needed to perform this ritual are found in every household. Again, one of the reasons I want to share this with you is because through the other articles I have written about rituals which can attract money, many people struggled to find the ingredients or the products which were needed to perform those ritual, so if you are one of those people who could not get the ingredients, mark the first Sunday on your calendar, set the reminder on your phone and get ready to perform this ritual

The main purpose of this ritual is to attract money, so if you are struggling to make money, this ritual will do wonders to you. One might ask where does this money come from, is it miracle money or what. The answer to that question is easy, there is no miracle money here, what the ritual does is to get you closer to things that will get you money. If you run a business, you will get more customers, if you do not have a job, you can get a job, and the one which ladies like the most, if you have a boyfriend he will give you money. In short, this ritual just attract money from the closest source you have

To perform this ritual, you will fill you glass with water and put two table spoons of salt inside the glass. After doing that you leave the water for one hour and after an hour has passed, you will take that water and wash your hands with it while you are saying what you want. In this case, what you will be saying will be related to attracting money. After you have washed your hands, you do not dry them, you let them dry naturally, or shake them

I have shared two screenshots which talks about this rituals below, make sure to read them and choose which one you prefer the most. Remember that this has to be done on the first Sunday of the month. I will also try my best to remind you, so do your best to follow me to see more content like this


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