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A Sangoma was busy performing rituals at the river and this is what people noticed on her pictures

A woman posted a photo of herself on Facebook saying that she had gone to the river to visit her ancestors today. She posted about 20 pictures, but only one picture was talking about people. Some of her callers were not happy with the way she was treated. They are busy saying that she should not take photos and post them on social media just to get attention.

 She is very proud of what she did. As South Africans, we have learned to respect our ancestors. Especially since those called patriarchs know how to be angry at times. Sangoma usually goes to the river in the morning. Everyone is still asleep.

 When they get there, they call all their ancestors and thank them for everything. After that, you wash your body with all the bad opportunities you have in a month or a week. After that, your ancestors say they will be happy to visit them. This woman took everything as a joke just to impress a man. Even now, she has no regrets.

 If you can see how he wears it first. When we talk to the gods, the elders tell us to respect the way we dress. Respecting them means you can't take pictures and show them on social media. The woman is happy to be seen and has a lot of customers. First, the way people comment on her picture shows that they are not interested in helping their fathers. She seems to be using her body to impress her customers.

 When consulting with their ancestors, some people wonder if Sango's dress is like that. Although they say that such a dress is important, as a woman it is very important to have self-respect. You must always know when to honor the temple of God, which is part of you. Some things are supposed to be kept secret, not public.

 People do not believe in their ancestors because of people who take their calling as a joke. Most youths who receive this spiritual invitation do not respect it as much as they used to. Young people do many things that older ones do not do. If you can confirm that the callers used to walk on their feet. They were not wearing shoes or heels, but see now that faith no longer follows.

 Now people with this call wear makeup, have long nails, and even Brazilian hair. Grandparents seem to have lost their temper. How can they allow such things to happen to them? Sangoma has been around for a long time with red hair, but this is not the case now.

 Times seem to be changing. This is why such things are happening. Our people are dying like flies. As a reader, I know you have something to say about this. Comment, share and stay tuned for more news.

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