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25 Funny Pictures And Jokes for fun

One evening, Ofego returned home quite inebriated. To keep his wife from finding out he's inebriated. To stay out of trouble, he hurriedly took his 'laptop' and pretended to be working on it.

"You're drunk again, isn't it?" his wife remarked as she approached him.

Ofego: Am I inebriated? Oh, you've started all over again!

Wife: Why are you scribbling on your briefcase, then?

The teacher assigned his students to compose a composition during an English class. Question: Assume you're in a war, and write a tale about it.

Lazy Ofego was not writing anything and was just sitting around doing nothing. The instructor seemed perplexed! He approached Ofego's desk and inquired as to why he was not participating in the exercise. "I was killed just at the start of the war," Ofego said.

What kind of sleep are you getting now?

Boss: I witnessed you quarrel with the customer who just left, Akpos. I've already stated that the customer is always correct. Do you get what I'm saying?

Yes, sir!, the customer is always right, says Akpos.

So, what were you arguing about, boss? Akpos: He said, "Sir, you're an I d I ot!"

Which of the images brightened your day the most?

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