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Check Out This Amazing 4-Bedrooms House Design Including Ground Plan

People build different sizes of houses based on many different aspects, and just because a house appears to be big, it does not mean the house has many bedrooms. Again, just because a house appears to be small, it does not mean that it has less bedrooms. Today we look at a house design which appears to be small based on the number of bedrooms it has, and do not get me wrong, this house is big, but in most cases, we usually expect a house like this to have two bedrooms. The design of this house also gave us a bonus, which is the ground plan of the house, we do not get to see that everyday

By looking at the ground plan of this house, we can see exactly why it appears small even though it has too many bedrooms. The designer of this house did not waste too much space by making the rooms of this house too big. The lounge, kitchen and dining room of this house are not too big. Another thing which reduced the size of this house is the small sizes of the other three bedrooms except the main, or master bedroom. This house has two bathrooms, the one in the master bedroom and the other one between the other three bedroomsThis house design has a double garage as we can see from the ground plan, we can also see this by looking at the front view of the house. The house uses a scotch roof, and the color of the roofing sheets is amazing, it also complement the whole color of the house. The house it self has two colors, a light brown color and a dark brown color, just like the color of the roofing sheets

One of the reasons why I like this house design is that it does not have too much plastering mouldings, do not get me wrong, moldings do make the house attractive, but over doing it is too much for some people, and I am one of them


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