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Things That Made Us Wonder Why They Even Exist

Do you believe in destiny? You know how some things are just destined to happen, as if by some grand universal design?

I don't usually, but every now and then something happens that feels like it was meant to happen. Even small moments like the ones on this list of unexpected things that appear to have found us.

"Tooth Fairy!"

"An interesting house being built in my hometown in Bulgaria."

"This monstrous papier-mâché chair that someone understandably threw away."

"These Adidas Shoes."


"My cousin's boyfriend's car. Everything's drilled, glued, and painted with normal room paint."

"Skin cake for a friend's 30th. The pimples are filled with vanilla pudding!"

"This hoodie with a hoodie for a hood..."'

"Hot wheels bath bomb...?

"Hairway to heaven..."

"This cow udder cowboy hat..."

"This bathroom... With stairs."

"This gorilla tattoo..."

"Sculpture of a pooping dog, made out of old bicycle chains."

"Garden sculpture zombie rising from the grave."

"Screw everyones eyes but mine."

"The grandma approved remote."

"It's a Justin Bieber couch."

"For that sweatshirt tied around the waist look I guess?"

"Ear Candles. Why does this even exist?"

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Love and prosperity to you.

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