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Unusual People With Unique Features Rarely Seen Around The World

Even though we may occasionally complain that life is uninteresting, as you continue to explore the globe, you will discover that certain people actually do make life exciting. Have you ever encountered someone whose existence you find hard to believe?

This page is all about the people who, through their amazing experiences and talents, make life interesting.

Romario dos Santos Alves

Brazilian bodybuilder Romario was inspired to emulate the Incredible Hulk by the television series he watched as a child.

Romario administered a synthetic substance called synthol via self-injection. His neck and bicep muscles expanded to a 25-inch size thanks to the effects of the medicine, which was a combination of oil and alcohol. But since his plan didn't work out as he had hoped, he now appears as he does, and nobody believes he is real.

Danny Ramos Gomez

Danny Ramos Gomez is another individual who doesn't look like a real person and more like a movie character. His thick hair completely encircles his face. A uncommon disorder called hypertrichosis produces unusual hair growth, especially on the head and chest, in Danny and his Mexican siblings. Gomez, though, is content with his appearance and has no urge to shave his face.

Here are some more extraordinary and one-of-a-kind folks who you won't believe exist:

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Brazilian Romario Romario dos Santos Alves


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