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Stressed? Ways To Overcome Stress.

Before reading this article , I would advise you to be calm and read it with a fresh mind.

A sad, depressed, or anxious person always lacks energy, or if they have some point, then negative energy. That person is even ready to fight, but if said to do some constructed work, he said no, I couldn't do it. Now the question arises that why do we feel unhappy, sad, etc.? The list of the main reasons for that is:

1. Financial problems

The essential point is that if we can't fulfill our basic needs, we feel depressed, now the reason for this is money. So we feel sad because of money, and then we start doing weird things. So tried to do something by which you become financially independent.

2. When our expenditure is more than our income.

Initially, if we want to buy something, we try to buy it at a down payment. If we don't have it, then don't buy it. It's simple, but many people can't understand it. We must try that use money according to our budget to live a tension-free life.

3. Comparing ourselves with others also creates pressure.

When we are comparing ourselves with someone above us, then we feel pressured. But also when we are comparing ourselves with someone behind us, we feel pressured—the pressure of thinking that if that person chases us, then what will we do. So my advice is that never try to become like others.

4. Expectations

The one line which covers your whole expectations is that "I don't like the world as it is. I want it to be like this." And when you act like this or try to change it, and whether you change it, you also feel defeated. As in our subconscious, we think if we can change one thing, then we can also change that thing, and then we become habitual of thinking expectations and create stress in our mind.


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