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STRICTLY FOR MEN: The Secret Behind Drinking Impepho and Rooibos Mixture- opinion

Helichrysum Petiolare

Kooigoed (Eng), Kruie (Afr), Impepho (Sotho,Xhosa and Zulu.)

Just like it name implies, this plant has a very strong smell. It is mostly used for insect repellent and fragrant. In grows in many African countries near the rivers.

It leaves are silvery, small yellow flower heads borne in groups, and woody at the base. There 2 types of impepho harvested in KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape.

There is impepho that is burnt when there are twins in that household, the other is burnt if there's someone who was born with a Special cloth and tge normal incense burnt by ordinary people.

Impepho is known to be drank as a tea to relief headaches, period pains and prevent other diseases such as diabetes, diarrhoea and also bad dreams.

It's used to clean and remove the evil energies lurking around the house and yard. It can be very helpful when someone is suffering from swollen feet when used a warm compress and soaking the feet on warm water with an incense in it.

Without impepho many African traditions and rituals are incomplete. Impepho is an incense in English, this herb is indigenous in African counties.

It is planted, dried and burnt to communicate with ones ancestors and form connections. If the incense isn't burnt when there's some ritual that ritual is incomplete. Here's a secret about impepho you didn't know about:


This mixture is formulated by Gogo Skhotheni Dlamini, she is well known traditional healer. She said this impepho and rooibos mixture ritual is only for men who feel like they are not respected.

This mixture will help any man get a decent job, money, respect and attracts a very good comfortable life. We all know that some men ain't respected because they ain't rich.

They are even sent by their rich friends to buy ice or do anything that pleases them. What you'll need to do is mix imphepho and rooibos tea in a bowl full of boiled water.

This is some kind of way that men can communicate with their ancestors to bring them good luck. While preparing all this you need to be speaking about all your wishes and wants.

When you're done mixing, store this mixture in a safe place overnight. When it's morning use it to bath, don't use soap. Do this for 5 days, after that you'll need to wait for the results. Major breakthrough you will witness.

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