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Check Out What People Have Encountered For Borrowing People Their Money

People are dangerous out there and they are out for blood. Though not everyone who borrow money from are evil. Though in this Generations that we live in , people do not love each other. People are always on each other's throats. Sometimes we share our achievement with wrong people and they end up using what we told them against us. Sometimes we see people laughing with us and we end up thinking that they love us. We should accept that witchcraft is there and it is real. You can never outsmart a person who vowed to make you suffer.

Those people knows every move that you want to take. It is very much important not to show them that you know what they are doing. Some people when they see who are doing evil things to them , they tend to confront them. Never in your life confront a person who do evil things because he or she will come for round for round two. It is very much dangerous to fight those people because they will end up killing you.

The best thing that you need to do , just continue laughing with them and do not show them what you know. The only thing that you can do is too be careful about what you tell them. Normalize not to borrow people your money instead send them instead.

When you borrow someone your name and they return it back. If you are sitting down maybe in the living room , do not take the money with your hand, tell them to put it down. After you can put grid salt on top it and pray. After praying do not take the money and put it into your pocket or wallet use it immediately.

The screenshot I shared are what people went through because of borrowing money.


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