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Get rid of bad habits by using these two things

Get rid of bad habits by using these two things.

1. Salt

2. Madubula

know let's sleep there are many things that happen at night let's sleep when even the Demons are scattered the enemy is looking for someone who can swallow him but if you know that the purpose of the devil is to destroy, to steal and kill.

Since we know that the enemy is rolling like a lion while we are sleeping we must do something in order to protect ourselves against the enemy and the spirit of witchcraft that is out there.

This two things it can protect you from the Tokoloshe and eating food in the dream because thing bad things can destroy your future.

Just take this two items and put in a bowl together and mix it well from there sprinkle over your yard and in the house

Then You have already done this. Stay for three days. Do not be clean but do not stop praying because God exists and He created all these things that we use and He is the one who protects us from witches.

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Madubula Salt Tokoloshe


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