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Top five tips to get ready for the festive season.

The festive season is upon us and now is the time to prepare for the not wonderful time of the year , when we get to spoil ourselves a bit , have fun , let our hair down and bond with our families.

Inorder for the festive season to be as glorious as we expect it to be , it's important to plan and prepare for it . You have to be in a good state physically , emotionally , spiritually and financially. It's a time where we need to be at our best for us to have the best moments and memories together with family and friends as we look forward to a new season.

Here are 5 important things to do in preparation of the festive season:

5. Exercise.

It's crucial to keep in shape to keep our immune system strong , imagine celebrating Christmas in hospital! That's a no! It can be avoided through exercise . When you take care if your body , your body takes care of you.

4. Getting enough sleep.

It is recommended to get atleast 8 hours of sleep per day. This is done inorder to give the body enough time to rest and restore certain cells destroyed during the day. 

Enough sleep , keeps us active and energised during the day and it is the most effective remedy that relieves stress. So get enough sleep inorder to have an energised festive season.

3. Have a balanced diet.

Eating healthy is really important. All the fat that is accumulated from consuming junk food really weighs us down at the end of the day and it makes us sick and obese. 

Inorder for us to avoid a festive season in hiding because we have gain pounds from pizza and beers , we have to eat healthy guys. Include those greens on your plate everytime. Ditch the fizzy drinks and try water instead . 

2. Meditation.

A healthy mind and emotional well-being makes a happy and calm individual. The perfect character we need for the festive season. When our minds are all over the place it is difficult for us to have fun .

Meditation helps with clearing the mind of clutter and pain. It gives the mind new and positive perspective . It also contributes to a healthy emotial well being making us fun to be around during the festive season so sign up for a yoga class.

1. Budgeting.

It's impossible to have a glorious , fun filled festive season without money. We need money for food , lots of it , money for booze and eggnog and money to travel . 

The festive season is an expensive time , for you find yourself doing what you don't usually do during the year . We all do it in the name of love for our loved ones . 

It's normal but we need money to achieve this , therefore it's vital to start saving now for the festive season and to budget inorder to be able to cater for all our needs and wants during the most wonderful time of the year.

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