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Be careful who you give your money to, it might be the last you ever get to give.

As Africans we have certain beliefs that people of the western world will never understand. Well we have so many beliefs that to some people it may seem to be unbelievable or not even true at all but these are things we grew up believing in and even practicing some of these things and, they have been passed on from generations to generations and it seems they will go on to last for more generations.

Well one of those things that we as africans know and believe to be true is the fact that, you should never give money to a person by handing straight to their hands, or taking money from a person and putting it straight into your wallet. Well these are beliefs that we all know and believe as Africans and the reason why is because some people could take the money and do things to it that could affect the person who receives the money or the person who takes the money.

It has been said that some people do things to money to stop the person who gave them the money from ever receiving money ever again and these are things that most Africans know about. Things like rituals and stuff like that have been spotted by people a lot. People find trees tied with black pieces of cloths with money being there with the cloths, and we as Africans know that when we see something like that it means that something is being done to someone, so that something can happen to that particular person.

These things happen a lot and that is the reason why we believe that salt is the neutralize the effect that these rituals or anything that may be done to your money, this is to make sure that whatever has been done to the money we gave to someone does not have the effects that it was intended to have on us.

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