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You need To Claim Your Life Back Using The Following Things

Life is all about fighting for what you believe in. Life on its own it's difficult and no one has ever promised us that life will be easy. Every person was born to prosper. Every person in this Earth was born with a purpose and as long as you live you need to fulfill your purpose. There are those who are lucky and they do not have to fight to get what they want. There are those who need to go through tough time to get what they want. God loves each and every person and he cannot bring you to earth to suffer.

The people that we are living with are the ones who can either build us or destroy us. Sometimes it is better to check your sorrounding to see if the people around you want what is best for you. Some people can go to consult about your life. They even know what your future looks like before even know it. There are people who are jealous to see other people prospering. They cannot stand to see you prosper right in front of them.

Sometimes it is good to be one step ahead with your life. You need to stand up for yourself and make sure that no one is busy with your life. Sometimes we tend to trust wrong people and end up telling them the things that they should not know. It is best to keep quite about your life. You should not reveal too much details because you might be telling wrong people.

Here is a mixture that you can use to get your life back. You need Your everyday morning urine for three days, milk , 3 tablespoons of holy ash and R5 or R2 or R1 coin. You first mix milk and holy ash and water in a bucket. Then the next day you take your morning urine from 3am to 7am and in another container and mix with a little of the other mixture. Do not use all the mixture at the same time , because you will need it for 3 days. Make sure you are clean when you do it. Talk everything that you need in your life.


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