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Cleansing your home/office it is also good

Spiritual cleansing is critical to your ability to vibrate higher and manifest that which you desire. Removing unwanted energies and spiritual entities from your spirit body helps to protect the integrity of your unique spiritual identity.

Having other energies on your spirit body messes this up and therefore messes with your connection with your ancestors and spirit guides.

On another level- cleansing your home/ office are also important. If you have ghosts making merry in your home, if you have jin/ demonic/ vampiric spirits in your home.

spiritual herbs is a powerful home cleanse. You can also use it on your yard and create a “spiritual fence “ with it. We are living in trying times. Cleanse cleanse cleanse. Too much traumatic death means too many restless spirits who were not ready to go.

Secure your space from opportunistic energies so that only your guides and Ascended Masters stay with you.

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