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Here's 4 Things You Can Do With Holy Ash.

There's so many things you can do with holy ash including consuming it with milk. People mostly high praise holy ash because of the work it usually do. You can trust holy ash in removing bad luck and bad spirit around your home.

1. Consume it with milk.

You can take one glass of milk with one spoon of holy ash mixed together. This make it easier for you to to relax and it help you to avoid bad dreams and bad spirit does not come close to you while sleeping. Thatbis why you have to consider drinking it. Some people will tell you that you're not supposed to consume it, but that is a lie you can consume holy ash whenever you like.

2. Bath with it.

Bathing with holy ash can help you to regain your strength, your positive energy and luck. You can get 2ltr of fresh milk pour on the bathtub add 3 spoons of holy ash. You can start bathing without adding any water. After bathing you can wait until your body is dry, don't wipe your body. You can do this once a week it for removing misfortune.

3.Apply it on your head.

Whenever you going somewhere apply holy ash on your face or in your forehead. This makes you to have that positivity energy around you. By positivity I mean if you are in a meeting or meeting a group of people you will be the only one to be listened not anyone else. Some people apply it when they're going work, school and in crowded places.

4.Steam with holy ash.

Steaming is very important don't forget that it's make your job easier. You can boil water, add 3 spoons of holy and take your blanket do your thing. Stay under blanket until the smoke is over.

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