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Funny Memes To Brighten Up Your Day

1. Dude from com cast asleep during my install and I deadass let him sleep because bro need it.

2. How I sleep after not doing anything for the whole day3. When you finally remove that one song from your playlist that you always skipped4. You just woke up naked next to the singer of the last song you listened to. Who is it?5. Excuse me? Are you just going to scroll past without giving me a double Boop on the nose?6. "Your alarm is set for 2 hours and 14 minutes from now"7. When a Xbox user drops his controller on the floor and you watch the battery and back cover go flying across the room8. When you put on the armour with the best stats and ignore how it fits on your character.

9. When I think I'm doing well in a test and the teacher walks past and looks at your paper.10. Tik Tok kids on their way to cause hundreds of dollars in property damage for 12 views11. When I turn on the music to clean the house but then forget to clean the house.12. this gorilla sitting on his tiny chair is a mood

13. Me at a store when I see my depressed friend buying rope

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