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Remove All Bad Lucky With Holy Ash And Milk.

Don't let others overshadow you make yourself visible. All the bad luck will vanish if you use this method. Bring back your beauty and lucky, don't let problems weigh you down. If you appear people have to smile at you, everywhere you go have to shine even at work you must make your bosses love you.

All you need:

1. Holy ash

2. Fresh milk

All you need is holly ash and fresh milk. You will use both at the same time. This ingredients will free you from all kind of bad luck, it's doesn't matter how long it's been there but once you bath with this siwasho for three days, you will be free.

All you need to do is to pour 1ltr fresh milk in the bathtub and add two spoons of holy ash. Mix it well and start bathing From toes to head. You have to repeat this 3 times a week while bathing you have to talk, say what you want.

Every morning if you bath add holy ash in your water and bath, it help to remove bad spirits. It also make you attractive to people. If you're working it will help you no one will overshadow you at work. You will be the only one who will be shinning into your bosses. Add holy ash everytime you bath.

Cleansing your self is very crucial you have to look good all the time. Even when you're going your partner apply holy ash on your forehead.

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