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"Why is there a syringe in the drink?" One asks as someone brags about fancy beverages.

I have noticed that many people think they know what a fancy luxury lifestyle is like. They may be right.

But what constitutes fancy changes from year to year. If you want to know what it’s like to live in fancy, you have to know what is going on right now. 

What are the trends that are affecting the authentic luxury lifestyle? What are travel, fashion, food, and drink like? 

Part of living that fancy lifestyle means drinking quality expensive beverages. Why would one opt for an expensive beverage?

More expensive would be better quality ingredients and less impurities and or filtered more, aged more and a smoother in taste.

So one gentleman with a seemingly expensive taste was showing off his fancy drinks but tweeps noticed something strange in the drink.👇🏾

What stood out in the picture and got the attention of many was the peculiar syringe that was also in the drink. A lot of people questioned the presence of that object in the fancy drink, "Is there a vaccine drink now?" One puzzled tweep asked.

I am also absolutely clueless as to why there is a syringe in that beverage, but l am sure it serves for some purpose.

Maybe you have a clue of why that syringe is present, we are dying to hear your thoughts on this one and please don't forget to like us and share us. Check out the comments on Twitter about this matter.

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