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Spiritually gifted person uses the following plant to heal sleep paralysis

I see a lot of people asking on how to deal with “sleep paralysis”.

Here is your solution but take note that when you have this plant you will most likely see the type of creature or spirit that is bothering you.

This might be disturbing for some people. The plant is called Inqotho in Zulu, I’m not too sure but I think others call it Mirror plant.🌱.this plant is very dangerous because it helps you fight the evil spirit at night.

Plant it in your yard, ask permission from your ancestors, tell them that you’re not underestimating their power and planting this is not a sign of disrespect.

While preparing the plant also speak to it to safe guard your yard and ask it to show you and also get rid of bad spirits that are found in your premises.

Don’t be scared when you see things, it’s better to know your attackers than to fight in the dark. Let's all acknowledge this spiritual plant it works it makes the wonders in your life. It also heals in the process of sickness.

Content created and supplied by: Lurcia (via Opera News )

Inqotho Mirror Zulu


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