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One Of A Kind | What A Stunning Small Two Bedrooms House Design

This is just amazing, there are a lot of people who believes that you need to extend your house as time goes on if it is small, but if your small house is something like this, build another house on the side, don't extended it. This house is so adorable, the designer of this house did his best and if the builders can work as hard as the designer, then you can get a perfect house. So what really makes this house so beautiful? Everything in this house makes it beautiful, but I'll try to go into some details

The first thing we can look at which makes this house stunning is the roof, really, I can not picture this house with a different roof than the one it already has. The roof of this house is perfectly designed and the color is also brilliant. The second thing that makes this house pop out is the pillars, this house has six concrete pillars in the front, some people would say this is very unnecessary, and I agree, two pillars would have worked, but would it be this attractive?

Another thing contributing to the beauty of this house is the windows, you can take a moment and look at these windows, I do not know what type of glass is used here, but the glass is a bit like mirror given those reflective view it has, I totally believe you can clearly see you reflection in these mirrors. The last thing which plays a huge role in how this house appears is the colors that the designer chose to use. I can not really describe the main color of the house, it looks like it is blue light or grey light. The is also another color which looks like a cream white on the sides of the windows. All these things makes this house stunning


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