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10 ways to make extra cash for the festive season

Are you looking for ways to make some extra cash for the festive season or just to spoil yourself? This article is just what you looking for to make that extra cash without a lot of startup costs.

Festive season is a time where most of us want to spoil our families, partners and ourselves. We plan trips and getaways just to unwind and enjoy ourselves. Now all of these things require money, so here's some simple ways in which you can make some quick extra cash this summer.

1. Selling ice cream and ice pops

With winter out of the way, ice cream and ice pops are mostly in demand this season. While it is much easier and faster to use an ice cream machine, ice cream machine are costly because they're a good long term investment. Making your own homemade ice cream will be advisable since you just want to make extra cash. Ice pops/ ice blocks are also very easy to make and you can move around your hood selling them with a cooler box. Make use of the internet and YouTube to give you a step by step guide on how to make these, if you need assistance.

2. Hairdressing

You don't necessarily have to open your own hair salon in order to do hair. With just your hands, combs and scissors you can braid hair from your house. You can even do house calls around your neighborhood to attract more customers. Braiding hair is not that complex, just a couple of tutorials from YouTube and dedicated practice you can make money from braiding others. Start by doing simple hairstyles and advertise your work on social media.

3. Offer Handwork services

Near the festive season, most people like build or renovate their homes. This is an opportunity for you to bag on that if you're good with your hands. You can offer services such as painting, packing and moving things, cleaning and many other things for cash. You can also do gardening, go around your neighborhood offer your services.

4. Be a make up artist

If you're passionate about makeup and know how to apply it, then it's time to make money from your passion. You can start by sharing pictures of your self wearing makeup on social media to advertise your hustle. Offer to do your friends and family makeup so they can spread the word for you. This will require you to buy your own makeup kit and include different kinds of shades and colors to satisfy your customers.

5. Baking

Festive season is the best time to make money through baking. Most people host parties, weddings and some would like buying a bucket of cookies/scones for their visitors. If you're good at baking, this can really work for you. For those who would love to learn, as always YouTube is there to help you.

6. Garage sale

Now this one doesn't require you to have capital, just some of the things you no longer use and your sales skills. Check your wardrobe and take out those clothes you no longer wear but are still good quality. Check around the house, maybe you have a lot of toys or useful things for children that you no longer use. Wash and clean those things and put them up for sale. You can have a garage sale or even put them for sale through social media.

7. Babysitting

If you're good with children and don't mind baby sitting, why not offer your services for money. Since you just want to make extra cash, it doesn't need to be an everyday thing. You can simply charge per day, offer your services to people around you who want to go out or have some errands to run. You can look after the kids for a good fee.

8. Laundry

People are generally busy. Having to go to work, spending time with family and finding time to do certain house chores is hard especially those who don't have house keepers. You can can start a laundry service and charge per basket. You can even add charges for ironing and blankets.

9. Photographer

If you happen to have a good quality camera around your house, then now it's the good time to put it into use. Now photographing doesn't only need a good photographer's equipment, it also requires passion and a good eye. You can start as an amateur photographer and take pictures at small parties, family gatherings and even at malls.

10. Be a social media influencer

This one needs someone who already has a number of following. Firstly make sure to determine your social media niche and focus on it. Engage with your followers and collaborate with other influencers. Being an influencer on social media can make you good money and if you stay consistent with it, you can make it your side hustle and not just a temporal thing. 


Content created and supplied by: Pruddie_writes (via Opera News )


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