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Ritual performed to eliminate negative energy spirits at your home

what exactly is to fix yourhome? one may ask. 

it is a ritual performed to eliminate negative energy ( spirits) this is done at home and on person. keeping in mind that we meet people of different vibrations and thus their energies can be passed on to us.

So when fix your home is done. it is with the aim to purify yourself and your home. It is important that you note not every person that comes in the form of ancestors is pure. so in the process of fix your home rituals. all those spirits that are not positive will be repelled. 

Including souls that come with blockages until such a time that rituals are performed on their behalf as to ask ancestors to accept them. at times you find that a person died in an accident or was brutally murdered. 

That person's soul can dwell between the living and ancestors for many many years if those wounds were not cleansed. 

how does one know if there are such ancestors within their family. there will be incidents some even leading to death in a very similar way. 

Hence I always advise that if you communicate with your ancestors do not use names of deceased. until those who lead ancestors have given approval to do so. Because you will call upon your ancestors spirit that is not at peace and bring havoc upon yourself.

when you communicate with your ancestors outside of your home. purify the space before you Pray there.Remember in the past natural places served for different rituals.You can't go to a rain mountain seeking not to get rain. 

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