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Astrology Divination


Follow your ancestors footprints all the time

Being a gifted person you find yourself highly attractive. You enter into a room full of people and everyone wants a piece of you. Your response to this may go in different ways

One of them being you entertain this and you find yourself misused in a manner of short-lived relationships. Whereby youre targeted only to unveil peoples gifts and they leave. When this happens, people see your light and the kind of power you posses. You provide healing through sexual encounters unknowingly. You open locked doors for some. And to some you provide healing and divine protection. 

 Ever wondered why you always find yourself always attracting troubled people and all of a sudden your presence in their lives somehow opens up opportunities for them? 

Some people know this and they target gifted people all in the name of lightness they bring to you.You may not know this, but ancestors do and that is why they will block out all of your relationships and wait for the right person chosen and aproved by them. 

Notice how when you are hurt by these individuals their lives spiral down south without you even wishing ill on them. 


That's the kind of great power you posses with your gift.Don't ever feel like they enjoy leaving you lonely and without a partner. They know best.

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