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People Left in Stitches after Seeing how this House was Build

We have see a lot of interesting weird construction projects over the years, and we have still to see some more, but the one we are currently talking and laughing about is this one in the picture below of a house build around an electrical pole in the dead center of the house.

The thing that left many in stitches is the fact the how could builders or the contractors erect a building around an electrical pole in the dead center of it, like how are they even going to roof the house with the pole inside. Another thing is that this thing of people claimimg plots for themselves with out proper consultations from the municipalities is really bad and is going to cause more problems then solutions.

No person in their rightfull minds could ever do such a thing unless the picture was photoshopped and in that case we give props to the one that photo shoped it because they did a good job with this picture.


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