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For You, here Are 56 Hilarious Pictures And Jokes

I'm back with another collection of humorous photographs and hilarious jokes to help you relax and forget about your concerns. I am confident that it will bring a smile to your lovely faces.

Here are some amusing images and jokes for your viewing pleasure:

A man became inebriated and returned home extremely late. He sat on the doorstep for thirty minutes, trying to find out how to explain his tardiness to his severe wife. He summoned the guts to enter the door, where he discovered his wife and kid enjoying a late-night movie.

His heart was hammering fiercely as he walked past them and up the stairs. His wife, to his astonishment, said nothing. He decided to walk by them and back to the upstairs corridor just to be sure, but his wife said nothing. He motioned for his son to join him. "How come your mother isn't speaking or even uttering a word today?" he inquired. "She requested me to bring her lipstick, but I accidentally handed her GLUE instead," his son explained.

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