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The Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles

most expensive ping pong paddles

The first moment where I saw a ping pong table was in an AT&T corporate building, and two major executives were playing it. Ever since then, I low-key understood that ping pong was a sport of the wealthy. Unsurprisingly, many people who are ping pong aficionados tend to flaunt their wealth through the use of upscale ping pong accessories.

More specifically, it’s the paddles that seem to get the most attention. Unsurprisingly, there are some companies that make a point of creating ping pong paddles that are more expensive than your typical dollar store versions. But, are they worth it? Why make them? We have the facts.

Honestly, there isn’t much reason for it, at least traditionally. You can get a cheap paddle at any sporting goods store, often for less than $15. However, when you’re in the luxury circuit, things are a bit different. These factors can come into play:


Not that this has to be a major issue for casual players, but ping pong paddles need to be well made and light for easy tennis play in the competitive world. A well-crafted paddle is (literally) worth its weight in gold when you are trying to become a professional champ.


This is where the most luxe ping pong paddles tend to show their mettle. Most upscale paddles will have materials that are hard to source, uniquely made, or otherwise amazing in their own right. Top quality materials would include thicker, well-sourced plywood, a carbon fiber blade, or any type of diamond specialty material.


Trust us when we say that we were shocked to see some of the major household names that are now producing their own ping pong paddles. Branding counts for quite a bit! Zhang and Butterfly currently tie for the two most popular luxury paddles on the market.

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