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Check Out These 30 Hilarious Jokes And Pictures For Your Laughter

Work has begun for the week, and as we go about our daily routines, we must make time for some type of recreation. I've put up a collection of amusing photographs and jokes to keep you smiling as you work.

Here are some amusing images and jokes for your amusement:

1. A sick old woman in a Nigerian hospital won N50 million.

The Doctor (Akpos) was hesitant to tell her the news because he thought she might go into a coma if she heard it.

So he went to her and said to her, "What will you do if you find out you've won 50 million Naira?"

I'll pay you 25 million Naira, the Old Woman answered.

Akpos passed out and fell into a coma.

2. A man named Akpos was arguing with his wife.

The Wife referred to Akpos as a fool. Akpos became enraged and retorted, "I can't be called an idiot by a woman, not even my wife." As a result, she must leave my home.

Neighbors stepped in to help, and the situation was addressed. The Wife, on the other hand, was still enraged.

It rained heavily later that night. Because it was so cold outside, Akpos felt compelled to do his manly duty.

In the dark, sneaking his hands to touch his wife, the Wife said, "Who is that fool?"

It's me, Akpos answered.

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