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Five different types of flower designs you can copy for this Christmas season

Try something different this summer by setting your garden aglow for nighttime entertaining. Grow plants with white blooms that show up beautifully at twilight, and get creative with fairy lights and lanterns to bring elegance, charm, and a touch of moonlit magic to your holiday get-togethers. In this article am going to present five different types of flowers you can buy for your Christmas décor.

Evergreen and Flowers

A few cut evergreen branches add a seasonal touch to a simple red flower arrangement. To get the look, arrange large red blooms like ranunculus, peonies, tulips, or carnations. Accent the Christmas flower arrangement with cut branches.

White Parrot Tulips and Fern

Look beyond the usual colors of Christmas and flaunt the frilly, two-toned petals of the parrot tulip. Playoff their chartreuse stripes by adding Plumosa fern to the bouquet and snippets of spruce at the base in a metallic serving tray. Continue the color theme by filling clear containers with blue, green, and metallic—new or old—ornaments.

Mini Woodland Setting with Roses and Hydrangea

Take cues from nature for a one-of-a-kind arrangement featuring red roses, white hydrangeas, hypericum berries, and pine branches. Be creative with your container by wrapping it with textured bark from fallen trees and accenting the base with various colors of reindeer moss.

White Roses and Pine

This Christmas flower arrangement is simple and sweet. Fill your favorite glass vase with cut roses and pieces of pine. For an extra merry touch, include cranberries in the vase.

Winterberry and Amaryllis Arrangement on Mantel

Nothing says Christmas more than traditional red-and-green decor. Simple arrangements of red amaryllis, tulips, and winterberries look beautiful on your Christmas mantel. Drape pretty ornaments from the winterberries.

Flowers, typically bright and beautiful, also have a dark side. From carnivorous blooms to poisonous posies, not all flowers are as sweet and innocent as they appear. Most of these flowers are safe to display or grow in your home, you’ll just need to keep them out of the path of curious children and pets. But you need more information you must ask your florist.

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Evergreen and Flowers


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