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Stop Answering Hello when someone says Hello: Here is what to say in return

We tend to point the finger at other people's imperfections. Often we think we are allowed anything when we have a minimum of knowledge and we sometimes even manage to denigrate or criticize the other for his mistakes.

 In short, it is not a settling of scores.

 Let us just remember that since our early childhood, because of the effects of colonization, certain languages ​​have been attributed to us: this is the case of the French language in the countries of West Africa (with the exception of Ghana). Forced to learn it, we always seek to improve ourselves because it is at stake in our personal culture and our socio-professional career.

 Let us note that the French language is worth to be learned every day, and, to understand it well and to handle it a constant practice is essential to us. Having a good command of the language allows you to be better

 We often become ridiculous when we do not really know what to answer when we are in front of someone who expects a direct response from us to a word, an action or a word.

 What happens when someone greets you by saying "Hello" or "Good evening"?

 I feel that a reader wants to answer me by saying "BUT OF COURSE I WILL REPLY HELLO". (laughs) ... Unfortunately that is not the correct language.

 Just know that "Hello" is a wish: it's like wishing someone "good luck". Saying hello to someone implies that they wish you a pleasant and beautiful morning. So, You must appreciate them for blessing or sending such wishes to You ... In that case, just say "Thank you" to them ...

 Some will tell me but it doesn't make sense. On the contrary, it makes perfect sense because receiving a morning blessing promotes good vibes and makes your day completely rich. So you answer first and foremost "Merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" and then you can also wish him by saying "Hello"

 If we have to use the formula again, that would give:

 Mr X: Hello Mr Y

 Mr Y: Thank you Mr X and Hello to you too.

 Here it is, it is so simple and easy to do things well.

 Bottom Line: Always respond with "thank you" when someone says "hello". This will let her know how much you appreciate her greeting ... Also, always appreciate people for their care as it promotes relationships.

 This message was given to me one day and has changed my life forever. Today I am more jovial when I receive a hello.

 Hope I helped you learn something new.

 Thank you and may GOD keep you and your families.

 As for us #Let's_only

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