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Things you should not do

People from around the world have extraordinary stories and myths about the causes of pitch luck, especially in Egypt.

There are Egyptian myths about leaving the scissors open or opening and closing them without cutting anything; These actions would turn happiness into inevitable sadness. The myth depended on the function of the scissors: to cut and separate things, so relationships would break and dissolve until the scissors were closed again.

You should never drink water to the last drop

Egyptians fear black animals, especially black cats and crows. They consider black cats to be evil creatures because demons live and exist in the bodies of cats. viewed as an omen of misfortune.When ravens are heard or seen, disease or death is at hand due to the superstition that God sent ravens to teach Cain how to bury Abel's body.

4 shoes cannot be turned over Ancient Egyptian superstition warned that putting shoes and flip-flops on your head would bring unfavorable events as they saw it as a way to offend God. Another explanation for the superstition is that some people in black magic wore inverted shoes and addressed demons.

The right side symbolizes peace and angels; on the other hand, if the left eye contracts, the person will receive unpleasant news since evil is believed to exist on every left side.YouTube still image with twitching crab eye YouTube still image with twitching crab eye All rights reserved Egypttoday Designed and developed by

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